Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's the little things...

My husband thinks that I am really easy to please. "Low Maintenance," he calls me. I guess he's easy to please because he overlooks that my hair costs us $175 every 2 months. What a dollbaby!

But aside from the expensive hair visits, I guess I am pretty easy to please. I'd rather have $10 and a trip to a couple of good thrift stores than almost anything shiny and expensive. Perhaps it's the hunt that I love. You know you'll find something pretty at Pottery Barn or Anthro, but it's more fun and challenging to make something pretty for just a couple of bucks.

This watering can is not a great example because I found it as lovely as you see it, I didn't have a challenge making it pretty. S-c-o-r-e!

Last week I ordered some dried hydrangea from JoBunch on Etsy. I really didn't have anything pretty to put them in, so I started window shopping on Etsy, trying to find something to vase my flowers. I was thinking a metal milk jug or a couple of pretty Mason jars. I saw this pretty pitcher below at ZinniaCottage on Etsy, but it's just out of my price range at $75.

I did my usual weekly visit to the thrift store yesterday. I never really have anything in mind that I'm looking for, I just hope that I happen upon something special. Well yesterday I couldn't find a single thing. I decided to do another walkthrough before I left, sometimes you miss things on the first browse. And I saw this beautiful watering can. I heard an angel chorus when my eyes landed on it! And for $6!? In my opinion, it's as pretty as the pitcher above but a wee bit more affordable. And wouldn't you know, I got home with my watering can and my hydrangeas had arrived in the mail. They look great in that watering can, no?

Originally I thought I'd paint it white with black accents like the pitcher, but I kind of like the old dirty coppery look of it. I might just leave it alone. I love the number/letter on the side-- I wish it popped out more and that's kind of why I wanted to paint it. But it's all good, I am keeping the watering can on top of my china cabinet anyways, so you wouldn't be able to see the number/letter anyhow...

I love the little things, like a good thrift store score!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!




  1. That is a beautiful score, Stephanie! I adore that patina. So yum. Thank you so much for your sweet words on my vintage market, too. I appreciate it!

    Hugs to you,

  2. Thanks for coming to my party with your thrifty watering can...love how you displayed it!


  3. Great score! I like the coppery grungy thing going on there. Your hydrangeas look gorgeous in it.