Monday, November 8, 2010

Newby question here...

I feel like a total dork asking this, but I tried to find the answer and no Google search helped me at all. When I visit your blogs and leave a comment, a blogger profile pic shows up next to my comment. The thumbnail it uses zooms in on my boobs from my profile pic... And, well, that's just a little bit weird. I'm sure y'all must think I'm some kind of exhibitionist or something, leaving comments on your blogs with my boobs all poked out. :-)

Anyone know how to alter that thumbnail for the comment picture? Maybe I have to change my pic all together? I'm going to go try messing with it some more... Maybe I'll figure it out.

Thanks for suggestions!


  1. Testing... I just changed the picture crop. Looking to see if it fixes things...

  2. I've never heard of this dilemma before. I have to admit, it made me laugh. Glad you got it fixed.

  3. Well it sounds like you found the answer yourself. Cropping is always a good way to change things around in your photos. I've been playing with my photos at Picnik, and I love it :-)

  4. I LOVE picnik, Marcia! That's actually how I ended up fixing it! I'm thinking of buying a year of editing for $25. Picnik is the awesomest.

  5. Too funny. so can relate-not a pottery barn or antrho shopper either- i have been there once..

    Love your blog,you make me smile.
    a new follower.. I will be back..

  6. Oh, this made me giggle. Glad you figured it out! Thank you so very much for leaving your sweet comment on my repurposed jewelry box.

    ♥ Jami